Standard construction materials for a family house

1. Groundwork:

  • Excavation of trenches for foundation strips - mechanically with manual finishing
  • The excavated material is removed and deposited based on the site location and the required quantity of soil for landscaping
  • Excavations  for private parts of connections
  • Backfilling and compacting of gravel sub-base of foundation strips and foundation concrete of the floor on the ground floor
  • Backfilling, compacting – routes of house connections
  • Basic landscaping after the construction of the family house

2. Substructure:

  • Compacted gravel sub-base of footing
  • The foundation strips are made of plain concrete complemented with foundation walls made of vibro concrete blocks filled with concrete mixture

3. Horizontal structures:

  • Design and composition of the floor structure on the ground floor:
    • Compacted gravel sub-base
    • Reinforced concrete base plate
    • Radon barrier and waterproofing
    • Thermal insulation of the floor structure on the ground floor
    • Foil - separation layer
    • Concrete floor
    • Floor finish
  • Design and composition of the ceiling structure and floor in the attic:
    • Ceiling bearing structure
    • Impact sound insulation
    • Concrete floor
    • Floor finish
  • Lintels over doors and windows:
    • The lintels over the doors and windows in supporting and enclosing structures will be reinforced structures in the form of reinforced concrete rings or system lintels
    • Lintels over doors and windows in partitions - system lintels
  • Reinforced concrete ring beam:
    • Concrete
    • Reinforcement
    • Thermal insulation of the reinforced concrete ring beam integrated in the facade insulation

4. Vertical structures:

  • Vertical supporting/filling perimeter masonry:
    • Brick such as Porotherm 24 P+D with 140 mm polystyrene facade insulation
  • Interior medium bearing masonry:
    • Brick such as Porotherm 24 P+D
  • Partition masonry:
    • Partition brick, such as Porotherm

5. Roofing:

  • Waterproofing - modified bitumen sheet
  • Thermal insulation – panels with TOP layer of 240 mm thickness
  • Vapour barrier: modified bitumen sheet
  • Base bitumen sheet V13
  • OSB 12mm
  • Light truss structure - bearing structure of roof cladding
  • Construction of plasterboard suspended ceilings

6. Windows and doors:

  • Windows:
    • Plastic shite windows, 5 komorový systém, triple insulation glazing with Ug =0,7 W/m2.K
  • Entrance door:
    • Plastic white and security entrance door, zasklení izolačním dvojsklem, bezpečnostní madlo/klika bíla
  • Interior doors:
    • Solid and partially glazed interior doors (2/3) fitted in casing door frames
    • Fittings – chrome

7. Surface finish:

  • Exterior plaster:
    • Exterior thin-layer plaster with facade painting
  • Interior plaster:
    • Interior line gypsum plaster with painting
  • Wall tiling ceramic:
    • Up to the door frame level in bathrooms
    • Up to the 1,5 m level in toilets
  • Floor tiling ceramic:
    • In bathrooms
    • In toilets
    • In the entrance hall and corridor on the ground floor
  • Floors:
    • Except for the premises mentioned in sections above-mentioned, the flooring will be made as a floating floor - z laminovaných lamel na podkladní vrstvě

8. Joinery:

  • Interior staircase railing – plain vertical railing/posts, profiled handrail
  • Interior staircases - wooden or concrete with wooden laminated veneered boards

9. Plumbing elements:

  • Downspout heads, gutters and downspouts made of galvanized sheet
  • Outside window sills made of galvanized sheet

10. Technical equipment – installations:

  • Water pipeline - plastic distribution
  • Sewer system - PVC HT, PVC KG piping
  • Fixtures and fittings:
    • acrylic bath tub
    • acrylic shower
    • ceramic washbasin
    • floor mounted toilet ceramic
    • wall tub faucet incl. a hand shower - chrome
    • wall shower faucet incl. a hand shower - chrome
    • wash basin mixer - chrome
    • washing machine valve
    • fittings for the connection of the sink and washing machine
  • Heating:
    • Gas boiler
    • Indoor thermostat in the living room
    • Heating system - Cu
    • Panel radiators RADIK
  • Electrical installations:
    • Cabling – Cu
    • Sockets and switches  – white
    • An outlet for a ceiling light in each room
    • Plastic switchboard in the entrance hall
    • Roof lightning conductor system
    • The living room is prepared for the installation of the TV antenna – tubes installed in the attic for the future installation and lines of the antenna
    • Intercom in the entrance hall - connected to the entrance gate, or to the front door

11. Paved areas:

  • Peripheral path – gravel of 400 mm width with concrete curb
  • Paths to parking spaces – interlocking pavement

12. Optional extras:

  • Changes can be made to this list of standard design based on the client’s requirements. The optional extras will be considered in the price
  • They are not standard parts of the house: chimney for a fireplace, fencing and landscaping, incl. topsoil and lawn


We reserve the right to change products or supplies for the construction, provided that the changes do not affect the standard of quality and life of the product.